The beginning

I am starting this blog for several reasons. The major reason came from a climax moment in my young professional career, realizing that I want to own my talents, skills, and interests once and for all. I have noticed gaps in my capabilities and skills and so will combine something I already know and love which is asking and analyzing complex social, economic, and political problems and combine this with my own data analysis using raw data available online and data visualization. The last part is a big challenge for me which you will see me overcome through the next few months and maybe even years as I develop my coding, data analysis and data visualization skills. Finally, I am not doing this because I want to be more marketable or showing off my skills, because there will always be someone better out there or the competition will catch up. I am starting this blog because I need to combine my unique interests and actually apply and use them in creative ways that will actually make an impact. That is why I am starting this journey and happy to bring people along on the ride, aka other coders and social scientists!

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