Week 2: Deciding which languages to learn

As someone who loves languages and culture, I have always thought that I am good at them. Somehow I made an exception for coding languages? Why? They are not any different. But yet, because one has to do with numbers and computers I try to make it different. Like languages, the languages I am learning, such as R, HTML, and CSS all have syntax, vocabulary, and commands. So I am happy to report that I am at the intro level of CSS and R right now and realizing that it is not as hard as it may seem. I am currently using CodeAcademy for CSS/HTML & then DataCamp for R after realizing that I could not correctly import an excel file into the R console, so I decided with first things first. I decided to start taking the course and learn from the start. Much like a language, it’s hard to write a sentence correctly if you have no notion of grammar or vocabulary. Therefore, on I go as I continue to get familiar with these languages I thought were previously too challenging to learn on my own. After I get a grasp on the material, I can start crunching my own data, much like when you stray from he textbook sentences and form your own original ones in your new language.

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