Week 4-5

MCDP Presentation Team 1

During these past few weeks I had been working on independently learning R as well as chronicling any questions and experiences in the meantime.

However, at work I had the opportunity to take on a two week challenge that would bring my comfort with data to another level. This opportunity gave the prompt of figuring out, using data, about whether a click to donate mobile app is a viable option for the a museum in the D.C. area?

By limiting our work to excel and tableau, we were able to analyze a survey of convenience sampling data and arrive as some preliminary recommendations with enhancements about how to best arrive at the answer to whether creating a click to pay app is a viable option.

The prompt, if you would like to work on it yourself:

Limiting yourself to tableau and excel, analyze public data such as this one – https://www.gov.uk/government/statistical-data-sets/museums-and-galleries-monthly-visits- to begin to assess trends, variations across seasons, as well as variations across years. In this way, predictions can begin to be made. However, additional survey data is necessary to observe demographics in order to see variations for other than year.

In order to see these variations, look for interested dataset that you can use to populate an excel file


It bears noting that this is sample data and will not be perfectly representative of the population***

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