Using technology vision to drive my own

Recently, I attended two different conferences which served as interesting counterpoints to one another, perpetually in conversation. The former conference was talking about the economic and political forces that are determining. The latter week-long event I attended was discussing globalization, and economic and business growth more specifically, but from the angle of technology. Reading the company I work for-Accenture’s-report on their technology vision, they put the forces that many people fear about globalization, including digital and technological changes that are disrupting the workforce, front and center.

The report begs to re-frame the question from what to do about the technological changes occurring to how to shape these changes to put people at the center, adapt the technology to us, and build off of what has been working for customers and employees already. 

Given these takeaways from the technology trends vision as well as the activities from the conferences, including the development of AI and how it affects a business’ labor force, I am interested to see how I could use AI to further my data analysis skills.

Therefore, I started digging the interwebs and came across this tool where data scientists compile their data sets and papers on AI. I will use this as a launching pad to jump into data analysis related to AI.


Accenture Technology Vision

AI Progress Measurement 

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